Nervous before the big trial day? Need a way to stand out from the crowds or other hopeful players who are looking to impress? Intimidated by the bigger, stronger or faster players that you can see on show?

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then just sit back, take a deep breathe and read our trial tips below

Obviously it’s important to separate yourself from the other players on the pitch during a trial. However, most players do this the wrong way. Trying to dribble too much or attempting shots from impossible angles are 2 good examples of this… Players tend to over-complicate things rather than just keeping it simple.

The coaches want to see player who not only play well but they make other players around them play well. Great players have the ability to do this and you can too with enough practice and concentration.

Here are a couple tips to help you perform in your trial:

1. Get involved in the play as much as possible. Always ask for the ball, join in on the attack, and help out on defense. Stay mentally alert and always in the game. Sometimes you can find yourself slipping out of the game and not touching the ball for some time so it is important that you always stay mentally alert and willing to work both hard on and off the ball.

2. Play simple, effective, and quick. Don’t try to dribble when you can play it simple. The majority of the time you should be trying to play quickly. Quick 1-2 combinations. Moving the ball around the field with good passing and receiving technique. At the same time you want to be effective with your passes. Pass and move. It is important to dribble, but there is a time in place. When you are isolated in 1-on-1 situations that’s when you show your skills and blow past the defender.

3. Make an impact. If you want to get noticed by the coaches you need to be an impact player. Get in the box and score a goal. Make a nice cross for a teammate to finish. Make a big tackle and win the ball on defense. Play a great penetrating pass. Control the game with good communication and organization. Bring something to the team.

4. Remain positive.You need to talk on the field, even if you are a quite person off the field. Encourage your teammates, ask for the ball, direct the play but always do it in a positive way. Your on a team, it’s your job to help the team not bring it down.

5. No regrets. Remember this is a trail. You don’t want to leave the pitch feeling like you could have done more if you had another chance. There’s only one chance. Leave everything out there. Work your ass off. Go get a goal. Make an assist. Don’t let anyone pass you on defense. Play with no regrets!

Trials can either end good or bad, if you receive positive feedback then good job!! Share it on social media, take photos and work harder going forward.  However, if the news is not good don’t lose hope, although it may feel like the end of the world, it most certainly isn’t! As they say, one door closes and another opens 🙂 after all, you may just have had a bad day! Stay positive and use the failure as an opportunity to learn, grow and hone your skills in preparation for your next trial date, and when that date comes, make it count!

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